David Linden on “Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind”

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Dr. David Linden is a professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Linden has written numerous books in the field, including The Compass of Pleasure, The Accidental Mind and most recently Touch, the Science of Hand Heart & Mind. Many of these books take Neuroscience topics that get very technical and translate these topics into readable material for the non-scientist. To find out more, check out his site at here.

Book Synopsis from Amazon:
Johns Hopkins neuroscientist and bestselling author of The Compass of Pleasure, David J. Linden presents an engaging and fascinating examination of how the interface between our sense of touch and our emotional responses affects our social interactions as well as our general health and development. Accessible in its wit and clarity, Touch explores scientific advances in the understanding of touch that help explain our sense of self and our experience of the world.

From skin to nerves to brain, the organization of the body’s touch circuits powerfully influences our lives—affecting everything from consumer choice to sexual intercourse, tool use to the origins of language, chronic pain to healing. Interpersonal touch is crucial to social bonding and individual development. Linden lucidly explains how sensory and emotional context work together to distinguish between perceptions of what feels good and what feels bad. Linking biology and behavioral science, Linden offers an entertaining and enlightening answer to how we feel in every sense of the word.

Dr. David Linden,Professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins
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